Quality Rent-A-Fence has the proper chain link fence rental products to create a more secure barrier around the perimeter of a work area or an event site.  Our experienced staff works closely with our customers to help them choose a temporary fence solution to secure and protect assets at a construction site or disaster site.

Our competitively priced temporary fencing products include:

Post Driven Chain Link Fence

Post driven chain link fence is the recommended choice for our customers who want a more secure fence rental option for their job or event site.  When paired with a wind screen, this type of temporary fence creates a secure fence rental option for their job or event location.  Windscreens effectively reduce dust and enhance the security of your fence rental by reducing visibility into the job site.

We offer the following products:

  • 6′ and 8′ high chain link fence – 11.5 Gauge Galvanized Wire
  • Line Posts (8′ & 10′)- 1 5/8″ Diameter 16 Gauge Galvanized
  • Gate Posts (8′ & 10′) – 2 1/2″ Diameter Galvanized
  • All posts are driven 2′ in the ground and spaced:
    10′ apart for 6′ chain link driven post
    12′ apart for 8′ post driven chain link fence

Chain Link Fence Panels

Temporary chain link fence panels are widely used by contractors, construction companies, and special event organizers.  This type of temporary fence product is a quick and easy option for a  construction site, an outdoor sporting event, or an arts festival.  Portable chain link fence panels are sturdy, but they can easily be placed or moved and reconfigured into different shapes.

We offer the following products:

  • 6′ x 10′ or 6′ x 12′ Panels – 1 3/8″ – 11.5 Gauge
  • 8′ x 10′ or 8′ x 12′ Panels – 1 3/8″ – 11.5 Gauge
  • Panel Stands
  • Sandbags – 50 lbs.


We offer gates to compliment your temporary chain link fence rental. There is also a variety of extra fencing material we offer to meet your fencing needs.

The following gate sizes we offer are:

  • 6′ x 12′, 6′ x 24′ or 6′ x 30′ swing gates with wheels
  • 8′ x 12′,  8′ x 24′ or 8′ x 30′ swing gates with wheels
  • 6′ x 4′ or 8′ x 4′ Man-Gate

 We can customize the width of our gates to provide convenient vehicle access to a  job site or a special outdoor event.


  • 6′ or 8′ Windscreen (We can custom order any color or print screening you may need)
  • Top Rail and Bottom Rail
  • Tension Wire
  • Set posts in concrete

Please let us know if you have any special orders for your temporary fence needs!

Call A Temporary Fence for your next chain link fence rental in the following states:

Ohio – Pennsylvania – Kentucky – Indiana